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released 2004 as card game by Abacusspiele, Designer: Michael Schacht.
For 2 players and with Quickstart variant.

In the following you will find the short online version of the game rules. An expanded rule can be found here (as pdf).


Overview: The players hunt with cameras and magnifying glasses for unknown animals.
But as time passes, they will find these discoveries duplicated and useless.
At the end, the players get credit only for truly unique animals.
The player with the most points will win the game!

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- www.michaelschacht.net
   (with downloads and variants)

- www.zooloretto.com
   (Zooloretto Homepage)

- Abacusspiele
- Boardgamegeek
- Luding

The play area is divided by a horizontal line and contains two halves: at the bottom is your area and at the top, the area of your opponent.
At the bottom left are your 3 hand cards and above that, the draw pile (indicating the remaining number of cards). 10 random cards are removed before the game (Quickstart variant).
Each player has 4 columns of different length (blue, pink, brown, green), where collected animals cards are placed respective of their color (the cards are displayed there in a reduced version). Under the present Quickstart variant are already 4 cards placed there.
Above the toucan on the right are 4 small bonus cards. In the bottom right corner is the overview card for scoring.
Scoring is displayed above/below each column with a current total on the right.

Possible actions are displayed with blue and red markings.
Play or give away a hand card:
If it is your turn you have to ...
... play a hand card in the fitting column of your play area. Take care: Duplicate animals in a column are not allowed. In that case the duplicate cards (hand card and column card) have to be discarded immediately.
... give away a hand card to your opponent.
Given away cards: If you get a card from the opponent you have to place it at the beginning of your turn. If you don't place the card you have to discard a matching column card or a card of your choice from an adjacent column instead.
Afterwards you complete the standard turn as normal.
Full column: If a column is full the cards get removed and stored as a face down pile (above the rightmost hand card). At game end you score points for that pile. The player can continue collecting animals for that column.
Bonus cards: The first player to make a full column, gets the bonus card in that color. There is only one bonus card for each color.
Draw Hand card: At the end of the turn the Hand cards will be filled automatically to 3.

Under the present Quickstart variant the game ends immediately if a player has completed 2 columns, and thus has 2 piles. Otherwise, the game ends immediately when the last card from the draw pile is exhausted.

Scoring: For each column you get points according to the overview card (ex. for 4 cards you get 10 points). The bonus cards count as their value.
The player with the most points will win the game!

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